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Looks like it's going to hit hard for the first time this season and year. Expected, wind speeds around 150 - 200 kmh. Raining very heavily already around here, and the wind is getting both noisy and unnerving. Typhoon Malakas is on the way. I just finished closing and locking all the shutters over the windows, so the house is very dark inside.
  • Watching: videos on film-making ideas
  • Drinking: anything cold!


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Co-founder of Tobu-Buta Studio.

I live in Japan in the Kansai region but in the countryside, and I'm in my 50s. Currently I am primarily a business consultant, and many other things, a person of many hats. I try not to limit myself to whatever others may categorise as my creative and intellectual niche.

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ZekeEugene Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
In case you missed that one link to Eugene's personality, here is Eugene Boddy's personality:
  • Eugene's personality:

-Mature. (Zeke taught Eugene this.)



-Courageous. (Likely as a byproduct of his arrogance in his case.)


-Adrenaline Junkie.

-Sexually Forward and Flirtatious. (In a positive way.)

-Pessimistic. (When he feels he can't defeat a specific enemy, feels that he can't save a certain number of people due to some nasty circumstances, feels that he can't save himself, or if he's worried he might hurt someone who is innocent. Though it should be noted that he is far less pessimistic than his brother. And he'll still try to succeed regardless of whether he's confident or not.)

-Impatient. (When it comes solving a difficult situation.)

-Cocky and Arrogant. (Both social-wise and when it comes to using his skills and abilities.)

-Stubborn. (When it comes to using his skills and abilities.)

-Anger Prone. (Only if: 1. things do not succeed in important situations that involve an enemy, 2. When it comes to dealing with really sinister bastards/bitches 3. If some one or some people annoy and/or make fun any of his loved ones. For the first two factors, he is willing to use violence against said bad guys. For the last factor, he will either demand for the person/people that insulted and/or irritated any of his friends or family to leave said friends or family alone, angrily demand for the annoying and/or irritating person/people to leave the place that they are currently in, or angrily leave along with his loved ones.)

-Overthinking, which can lead to paranoia. (When it comes to even potential major problems that he knows he has to deal with. Contrasts Zeke's pragmatism.)

-Aggressive. (Often quick to violence when dealing with enemies, even if he's only heard information about said enemies.)

-Easily surprised when fighting any new kind of enemy that he does not expect.

-Often has strong vengeful feelings, within reason of course. He chooses not to succumb to them
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